About David Sloan

David Sloan, Jr. is a proven advocate who has dedicated his professional life to bringing people together to advocate on behalf of the issues that matter to our county: jobs, opportunity, high quality education, affordable health care, and stronger, safer communities.

As Executive Director of the Maryland Democratic Party, David worked to unite Democrats and build a party that reflects the diversity of our State.  As a trusted aid to Governor Martin O'Malley, he advocated for issues that matter to Prince Georgians.  As political director on President Barack Obama's 2008 Maryland campaign, and Coordinated Campaign Executive Director for the 2012 coordinated campaign, he fought for change that all of us can believe in.  David began his career in service to former Prince George's County Council Member Dorothy Bailey and for former Council Member Major Riddick. 

David Sloan is both a devout Christian and a committed Democrat.  He is a lifelong resident of Prince George’s County and a proud alumnus of Parkdale High School.  

David is passionate about music and passionate about his beloved Washington Redskins.  He graduated from the Berklee College of Music, and enjoys singing with his band, 33 West.


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