Economic Development

Development without Displacement

“We all know rapid development is coming to the 26th. The question is whether this happens to us or for us. As your delegate, I will advocate for good jobs for working families – without driving our neighbors out of their homes.”

My goals for District 26:

  • Advocate for good jobs for working families in our district

  • Prevent foreclosures and, thereby, the decline of property values

  • Ensure that development projects and businesses in our community are good corporate citizens

  • Enhance and expand incentives that support small businesses

As developers and companies look to expand, Prince George’s County is one of the first places they look. We are a community with a lot to offer; land, qualified employees, transit, culture and more. We need to ensure that developments that come to District 26 work with the existing communities and that companies who choose our home as their location are good corporate citizens.

Our community is diverse with many people from a variety of backgrounds and with various skill sets. We have a lot to offer potential employers and should work to ensure that residents of District 26 are made aware of job opportunities here at home. While developers cannot only hire from a certain geographic area, David will work with the businesses and County officials to ensure our residents are aware of opportunities as soon as they are available.

Development decisions are made at the County level, but we can do better as a Community to get involved and work with developers, County Staff, and County Elected Officials to ensure that our collective voice is heard. The best thing we can do is be part of the process. Developers are required to send notice of projects to registered groups in a specified radius – we can do better. Holding town hall meetings, encouraging groups to register with Maryland National Capital Park & Planning for information, and signing up as parties of record on projects in our neighborhoods are all things we can do to delve deeper into conversations about development in our community.

We need to ensure that businesses who come to District 26 are poised to be good corporate citizens through community involvement, giving and participating in our culture. As new businesses open, we should explore internship opportunities for students at local schools, partnerships on issues that matter to the community and other ways that the residents and businesses can work together.