Health Care

Healthier Communities

“For too many of our neighbors, the hospital emergency room is their first and last stop for healthcare.  It does not have to be this way.  I will fight for increased health care resources for our communities.  I fought to elect and re-elect President Obama because of his commitment to health care for all.  Now let’s get this done.”


I will work to:

  • Increase access and eliminate disparities
  • Continue to educate the community on the benefits of healthcare reform
  • Advocate for funding of healthcare facilities
  • Enhance long term services and support for older adults and those with disabilities

Access to quality health care is a fundamental right for all citizens of Prince George’s County. When our neighbors are forced to delay care when they’re sick, we are not healthier. When a mom or dad has to choose between expensive treatment or putting food on the table, we are not better off. And when we have to take a loved one 10, 15 or 20 miles just to see a doctor in a time of need, we are not a stronger community.


David believes that the first step is expanding access to health insurance, and standing side-by-side with Governor O’Malley he helped expand access to health care for 63,000 Prince George’s County residents that were previously uninsured - half of them children. But our county still has the highest percentage of people uninsured people in Maryland[1]. We can change that. Now that President Obama’s historic health care law is taking effect, every citizen has the ability to go online, compare affordable health care options, and sign up for a plan that meets their family’s needs without facing the threat of having their coverage dropped when they get sick or being turned away because they had a preexisting condition. David encourages every citizen and local business owner to log on to to learn and share information about affordable health care options with your friends and family, and sign up for a health care plan that’s right for you and your family.


We need world-class medical facilities including a new hospital right here in Prince George’s County. As Special Advisor to Governor O’Malley, David knows that the most populace region of our state deserves a world-class hospital facility where these life-saving services are provided. David has been a strong advocate for the Prince George’s County Hospital Center and is working hard to ensure that this project moves forward on time and on budget while providing for the needs of the entire community it will serve.


We need more doctors and nurses practicing medicine in our communities and we need to encourage each other to make healthier choices. Prince George’s suffers from some of the highest rates of chronic disease in our state, and it’s time to turn that around; we need to make community health a priority in our neighborhoods. David advocates bringing initiatives like the Health Enterprise Zone[2] pilot program to District 26. Health Enterprise Zone is an innovative partnership between a local health department, leadership at the county, city and neighborhood level and the state department that builds outpatient-care centers and provides incentives to bring more medical professionals to areas that are currently underserved. Through targeted investments and community support, these programs have been shown to reduce health disparities, lower infant mortality and help transition communities away from over-reliance on emergency room visits and a sickness model towards a prevention model that focuses on wellness and improved overall health outcomes.